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Moving to facebook

After almost 9 years here on Livejournal I've finally decided to move on and stop crossposting on LJ and my Nick Lea facebook fan page. Everyone is welcome to join me over there and if not it's been some great years drooling over Nick on LJ and virtually meeting so many dedicated Nick fans.

Nick on "Continuum" season 2!

His name appears on the BCFC Film List which is usually a pretty reliable source when it comes to movies and shows currently filmed in the BC area. Shooting has just begun and the first episode of the new season is due to be aired sometimes in April on Canada's Showcase channel.



Nick is fighting BC art cuts

Together with Patrick Maliha, Gabrielle Rose, Stephen Park, Dawn Petten, Garry Chalk, Charles Barber - City Opera Vancouver, Michèle Lonsdale Smith, John Cassini, Sonja Bennett and Ben Ratner Nick is fighting against BC art cuts. Don't stop after his first appearance, he's in there three or four times.




Untitled Snippet
by Silvia
X-Files, Mulder/Krycek
Krycek runs a coffee house, and Mulder is there day after day with his laptop.

Yes, it's really the "Gift of an Enemy"-Silvia!




Phantom Pains
by mogwai_do
Summary: Mourning and moving on is always unique to the individual.
Fandoms: Highlander: The Series/The X-Files
Relationships: Kronos/Methos Alex Krycek/Methos




Tumultuous Tides
by KyoKohitsuji
Beta’d by HeavenlyBodies
Rating: Teen
Pairing: Mulder/Krycek
Summary: Mulder struggles internally after Krycek leaves him with that infamous kiss.
Warnings: Male/Male slash content. Very subtle mentions of past violence
A.N: Realising that pretty much all of my fic was erotic and full of sexual content this was my challenge; a short fic about love with no sex whatsoever. It was hard… pun entirely intended.

By KyoKohitsuji
Beta’d by HeavenlyBodies
Rating: Teen +
Pairing: Mulder/Krycek
Summary: Krycek shows up at Mulder’s beaten and bruised. They both decide enough is enough and take comfort in one another finally after all these years of fighting it.
Warnings: Male/Male slash content.
A.N: Sometimes a girl just needs uncomplicated schmoop and thus this was born. It’s not often I write like this so enjoy it!!

Finally the new Christmas (!) eZine

Dedicated to Ursula, a dear writer, who died about a year ago of cancer here's her
zine with slash stories and artwork. For readers who have an OTP there's unfortunately no information about pairings :-(.


Ten kisses that may never have happened
by Yaseanne
Relationship: Alex Krycek/Fox Mulder
Summary: Alex builds a ladder to the stars: you, me, conspiracy.



Latest photo of Nick


Taken at the Whistler Film Festival, Araxi Restaurant, two days ago.



"The Philadelphia Experiment" on DVD


Seems like Germany is the first country where Nick's movie "The Philadelphia Experiment" will be released on DVD. The DVD is region 2, the rental version will be out on Dec. 6th and you can purchase the DVD on January 17th. It has both the English and the German version. More information on

Btw, Nick attended the Vancouver premiere of Cirque Du Soleil Amaluna on Tuesday. Unfortunately no photos about that yet but there's an article in the Vancouver Sun where he's mentioned.

New M/K Video

Gay Holiday
by heuradys
Summary: Mulder and Krycek to a song by The Chalets.



A Book about Nick!

But don't get too excited... This book belongs to The Celebrity 411 series which means there's a book available for almost every celebrity alive and dead. The publisher is a print-on-demand company who prints everything the customer wants. Needless to say the content of the book was mainly taken from the web and therefore pretty much familiar to every Nick fan. Which won't probably keep me from buying it anyway *sigh*.

The Celebrity 411: Spotlight on Nicholas Lea on

New pics of Nick

Found one particularly nice profile shot of Nick taken at the London Film and Comic Con in July:

And 7 photos from the VIFF Opening GalaCollapse )

Nick at the VIFF premiere of CoMR

This was taken at last night's screening at Vancouver's Vogue Theater. Picture courtesy of lileofthevaley.

There's a new M/K blog on tumblr which is worth checking out. I am no fan of tumblr as I find interacting there with other people pretty limited, but nevertheless every new activity on the Mulder/Krycek front has to be mentioned and they share lots of nice things like artwork, manips and gifs. Oh, those glorious times we had 10 years ago, I miss them so much!

And there's a new pic showing Nick with John Cassini at the VIFF opening gala is also online:


I'm back!

After a red-eye flight from Beijing to Frankfurt we finally arrived safely at home again. China was interesting, especially the Terracotta Army, the Great Wall and the Yangtze River Dam. The culture over there is so different to ours though that we were alienated a couple of times, especially when it came to hygiene and personal behaviour in public (I spare you the details...). Air China is the most unfriendly airline I've ever had the misfortune to travel with - the air host/esses never even smiled once, they hardly spoke or understood English, they constantly looked bored to death and the entertainment equipment on their flights with their otherwise rather new aircrafts was simply poor.

So in a nutshell we had ups and downs, a lot of stress seeing all the highlights (I am sooo ready for another vacation now *g*). Photos will be posted soon, once I've settled in again.

On the Nick front there were published three new Nick pics which I've included hereCollapse )

All were shot at the Crimes of Mike Recket premiere at Toronto, the last two are showing Nick with Olivia Cheng. CoMR will also be featured at this Year's VIFF on Oct 06 09:30 pm and Oct 09 03:15 pm at the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver.


Another photo of the CoMR premiere. Here's an article where we learn a little bit more about the background of the movie. Nick told the audience in the Q+A that the movie was made over 139 weekends, spanning two years in Vancouver and was filmed largely at his house. (It even features a small role by his dog Jimmy.)

Well, one more reason not to miss CoMR :-).
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